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new goods...

thought ya'll would like to a recent piccy of my new wrist wear!
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November 6 2004, 17:41:08 UTC 12 years ago

You have such a kind smile and knowing eyes.
why thank you very much mr or mrs anonymus
All you're missing now is your little cat, Snuggles...
*shed a tear*.... its all so beautiful


November 16 2004, 21:56:26 UTC 12 years ago

What do the colors on your wrist mean?

- Mark
um well black and pink are my fave colours! i think its more the stories behind my bracelets or the paterns which influence me wearing them, hope that makes sense : p

Isn't It


December 18 2004, 22:25:12 UTC 12 years ago

Feeling like a deep thinker ...see what I mean? You choose colors to show us what stories you travel with, to show us how your experiences still mark or shape your personhood. Is it silly for me to wait for the next photo to see what you will choose? And then make myself wonder about what all those stories mean in your life?

And then I say to myself, dude, its just beads. Don't trip.

I still admire the kindness in your eyes.

ah well thank you again : ) i currently dont have any new bracelets but wen i do you will know about it haha! x



February 11 2005, 07:48:37 UTC 12 years ago

Your chin and contour of your lips...can you post an image of your face with light hinting at your's not a weird or perv question (ok it is) but your features are, warm, refreshing to this world.