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Help Out Hurricane Katrina Victims
Do you want to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina, but are financially unable to? You can still help. The Oxygen Network has started a campaign called 'Oh! Speak Up!: The Youngest Victims of Hurricane Katrina'.

The campaign is helping children who were patients of the New Orleans Children's Hospital who were moved to the Texas Children's Hospital in Houston. Oxygen has stated that for every person the signs up for the campaign, they will donate $1 to help the kids.

All you have to do is enter your name, age, zip code, and email address. Nothing else is required and you won't get tons of spam email.

It's a great cause and you'd be donating $1 to the campaign at no cost to yourself. I've already signed up, along with 19,249 other people.

Think about it: if one million people sign up, that's one million dollars to help these children.

if you want to help, click the link, then send it out to other people

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Name: Dylan (no, i'm not a guy....tis' all girl)
Age: 14
Location: Oregon, but moving to England
Number of wrist coverings owned: 67
Number of wrist coverings worn at any one time: 67
Pictures of you with your wrist coverings (if you like): it's not me, but it looks insanely similar to my icon.....maybe later i'll post a pic or two.